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The man I hate most in music

I know what you're thinking..."Bono right?" Bono is second now, he's been replaced by this godless wonder.


Gay musician?! GAY MUSICIAN?! AH GEEZ!! Come on! Listen to the titles of these tracks...

"Gay Messiah" - Hey! Fuck you buddy! Jesus was straight as an arrow! You're going to hell!
"One Man Guy" - Ewwww! Gross!!! The only thing worse than a gay guy is a faithful gay guy.
"Rebel Prince" - That's just terrible.
"Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" - Oh man! What are you going to do with those?! PERV!

Not only that, but he has 2 songs, "King of the Road" and the "The Maker Makes," on the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. (Which, by the way, is an incredible love story and if it doesn't win the Oscar for Best Picture I will literally stab an old man.)

Rufus Wainwright is melodically anal raping the sanctity of music. Music used to be a sacred, holy institution and his messages of acceptance, understanding, and compassion will not be tolerated. Gays should not be allowed to make music. Anyone who supports his style of guitar playing/harmonious voice is just booking their first-class seat on the bullet train to Hell. He's a menace, period. Exclamation point!

Fuck you man Rufus Wainwright is awesome! Seriously Alex...I love this guy. "14th Street" is an awesome song!

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