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Okay, hold on...you're serious?

Wait, wait, wait...you're telling me Dick Cheney actually shot a guy?! With a gun?!

Hahaha, yes it's true folks! If you haven't heard already, Texas lawyer Harry Whittington was SHOT IN THE FACE by the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Whittington and Cheney are good friends and during a recent quail hunting session Whittington somehow ended up in the line of fire as Cheney tried to shoot a quail (or so he says). Not since the days of pretzel choking has the Bush administration looked this silly (If you don't count that whole "Iraq" thing).

I don't have much to say about this, The Daily Show and David Letterman did a tremendous job of making fun of this ridiculous situation and probably will continue to do so. I just have one question. Doesn't the Bush administration owe Whittington a freebie? I'm talking about a get out of jail free card, for whatever the hell Whittington wants to do. Steal cookies? Fine. Murder? That's probably the best route. If you have one free pardon in your belt you better go big. If Bush doesn't wanna give him a pardon he could at least get him an intern.

Keep it up AK.

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