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Olympics Update IV

Day 5 of the Winter Olympics...what a bust. Seriously, this is going to be a lame post. Maybe I'll throw in a Bleiler picture just to spice things up.

Norway at 11, Russia at 9, USA and Nazies tied at 8. It makes me sad that the only medal we picked up today was a lowly bronze. On the bright side, men's moguls is cool as shit, so I'm less pissed off that we won a bronze in that event.

I didn't see any curling today. What the fuck? It's my favorite Winter Olympics event and I cannot wait to watch Canada kick everyone's ass and get the gold medal.

Bleiler and Allison Baver are the hottest athletes I've seen thus far.

Like I said, the moguls kicks ass, so I was rather disappointed when Jeremy Bloom didn't place. He seems like a good kid. Hopefully he'll get into the NFL.

Let's see...uh...anything else interesting? ...(thinking)... Nope, that's about it. Day 5 sucked.