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Olympics Update IX

Day 10 started slow.
Did we win or did we lose?
Read the following.

Where the hell did Austria come from? I forget that they are a country sometimes. I guess all the Biathalon guys passed their drugs along to the rest of their countrymates. The USA should be so far ahead by now, but we always screw up some event we're supposed to win. Man, were our athletes overrated or what?

Speaking of hyped-up, completely overrated winos...Bode Miller finished 6th in Men's Giant Slalom. Haha, I never tire of writing about how much Bode Miller sucks and how much of a douchebag he is. At least he finished this time and didn't smash into a gate like he did on Saturday. He won't get any medals and then will pretend not to care. You are an incredible waste of a human being, Bode.

Women's hockey got a bronze. That's kinda neat right? Women's ice hockey is THIS close to softball. Good grief.

Tanith Belbin (right) and Ben Agosto (that creature on the left) won silver for the US in Ice Dancing. I'm so proud of them for winning a medal in something no one cares about. Good job guys! Since no one cares about ice dancing anyway, I'm going to take this time to talk about the medals Italy is giving away. Pros: the strap fits nicely in the center of the ring, looks similar to the other Olympic rings, and they're shiny. Cons: they look too much like doughnuts, they also look like giant washers, sometimes if they are too shiny they could hurt your eyes, only come in 3 colors.

Verdict: Quite frankly, they're terrible. (Funnier if done in a Stephen A. Smith impersonation voice)

I didn't get to watch the USA vs. Canada curling match. Total bullshit, really. Canada won and the two will face off again in the semi-finals as Finland will play England. I believe both games are on Wednesday and hopefully NBC will replay it at night so I can watch it.

You still got a shot, Bode! Don't fuck up anymore!