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Olympics Update X

I couldn't watch Day 11 because I had to watch American Idol. Haha, just kidding! Like I would watch such a dumb show every single time it's on!

USA back in second place! Tied anyway. 3 away from the Nazies and I'm starting to worry. Hitler isn't around to screw them up anymore like when he declared war on the Russian Olympians so his Olympians had to fight the Olympics on 2 fronts. We need actual talented Olympians.

Shani Davis (won the silver) and Chad Hedrick (Bronze...ugh!) finally faced off in the Men's 1500m speed skating after crying and whining, then saying they were done talking about it, then talking about it again. Great...now our men speed skaters are turning into whiny, girl-like beings. I guess skates make every guy turn into a homosexual.

Germany won more biatalon. Haha, that totally figures.

#4:Pretty little Sasha Cohen takes first place in the short program and goes into Thursday's free skate. I'm so proud of her. I bet she's taken so much crap since Kwan decided to puss out. "Ooh...too bad about Kwan, huh? Think the US can still win the gold?" She's a nice girl, so she wouldn't go, "Hey, fuck you! What gold did bitch-ass-crybaby Kwan ever win?! Huh?!" Cause I would have totally done that. She stuck everything and one announcer called her run perfection. I say it's bullshit that she's only .03 ahead. Perfection doesn't put you .03 ahead. Probably that Russian judge, or the fragile French judge. Figure skating is crooked. (And probably got beat by American Idol in the ratings.)

Canada beat the USA and Finland beat England in some spectacular curling action. Canada vs. Finland is the match-up of stars people wanted, and expected, to see. Those people that like to watch curling that is. It's very underrated entertainment. I recommend it. My Canadian team shouldn't disappoint me, I say they win the gold.

Go Sasha!