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Olympics Update XI

I'm going to talk about Day 12 a little differently. It gets tedious writing these and I need to keep myself entertained with the Olympics. I'm abandoning the typical "Olympic Update" form and will attempt a little poetry. Here I go...

Germany is still winning while the Austrians are grinning.
They're just happy to have medals.
The US better get on track, our number of medals is certainly a lack.
Thanks to our underachieving athletes.
Women's Aerials was high-flying fun. It was enjoyed by everyone.
Except all the US women who lost.
Lots of other shitty medals were won. Day 12 makes me want to shoot myself with a gun.
Seriously, Day 12 was balls.
Thursday shouldn't be as lame, I want to enjoy the Olympic games!
Sasha Cohen better win. (Or stab someone w/ her skate)
Curling is neat, and totally cool. If you don't watch the gold medal game Friday I'm going to rip your balls off.
No rhyme there, just me being COMPLETELY SERIOUS.
Go Speed Racer Go!
When are the Olympics over?!