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Olympics Update XII

Unlucky Day 13. That fact the Friday was the next day didn't help. It was almost Friday the 13th and this is what every American athlete should blame their performance on today. The fact that it was almost the unluckiest day ever.

The US is alone in second place with 20 medals. Germany is up by 4 and the regulars are tied at 19. We need to get hustling if we expect to take this total medal count. We are the world's dominant power and we can't afford to lose.

#2:The beautfiul and talented Sasha Cohen fell short of her quest to get the gold...literally. She fell on one jump, stumbled on another, and it was all over from there. Some other less important skater from Japan won the gold medal. Look at Sasha, even her disappointed face is adorable. I'd give her a triple lutz any day of the week. Although she only walks away with a silver, I think Sasha has proven more than anything I can think of that the old children's phrase is true. "First is the worst, second is the best." Second is clearly the best in this case and I want Sasha to come to my house so we can fool around.

Women's curling is over now. It is not as exciting as men's curling because it's women. There are some cases in which the women's version of an event is superior, (Gymnastics, Figure skating, Jello Wrestling) but this is not one of them. Actually, it's kinda the exact same. That's just weird...

Men's Aerials is totally badass. It's a shame American Jeret Peterson couldn't land "The Hurricane" to win it. Apparently it's the hardest aerial trick ever attempted in the Olympics and given the fact that he didn't fall while landing it, I say he should have at least been given the silver. (He's an American, he doesn't want the bronze.) And why is a Winter Olympics trick called "The Hurricane?" That's just silly if you ask me, a more appropriate name would be "The Blizzard." Am I right? Of course I am.

Curling finals tomorrow! Go Canada!