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The Reverse Peephole

It's no "Spygadget" folks; I have done it. I have reversed the peephole on my dorm room door a la Seinfeld. Why would I do such a thing you ask? To prevent an ambush, of course. Now I can peek to see if anyone is waiting to jack me with a sock full of pennies. I know that anyone can just look in and see me, but my policy is that I'm comfortable with my body. If someone wants to help themselves to an eyefull, I say "Enjoy the show."

The bad thing is that my paranoia will undoubtedly skyrocket and I will probably drive myself crazy ovethinking every single move I make. It's not even that I'm doing unspeakable things in my room, it's just kind of creepy to know that anyone walking by could watch me. It really is hard to notice though and I always have duct tape to place over the peephole. I'm really just more impressed with the fact that I was handy enough to reverse the peephole. It makes me laugh, really for no other reason than the fact that Cosmo did it. (Newman too)

If you care to watch, I am in Wright Quad: Room 16-308. See you soon!

PS - My roommate doesn't know. Haha, how funny is that? I hope he gets caught doing something awful.

I hope he gets caught peeking at that Korean porn! Eww what a dirty boy!!

This is hillarious. did you really do it?

indeed shupe, only i switched it back after spring break b/c it didn't seem as funny

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