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Simply put...FMD

For my first post, let me start with this man....

For those of you unfamiliar to an underachieving coach; this is your posterchild.

His name is Mike Davis and he coaches the Indiana University Hoosiers basketball team. He began his coaching career in 2000 and took a talented group of kids (Jeffries, Tommy C, AJ Moye, Fife, Hornsby, etc.) to the NCAA Championship game in 2002. Those players had been recruited by the recently fired Bobby "F-ing" Knight and it seemed he might be able to follow a legend; something which is never easy to do.

Cut to the 2005-06 season...

After a fall from grace (which was to be expected in the years following the Final Four appearance) IU was back with a deep roster full of talented and experienced players. Marco Killingsworth is NBA bound, DJ White is the fabulous returning freshman, Strickland is the crafty veteran, Vaden is a sophomore scoring sensation (baby!), Sean Kline is...well, unfortunately he's still here.

Davis' stock has been climbing since the season began with big wins and close losses. While he did lose to a lowly Indiana State team, he beat Kentucky (which he had never done), Ohio State, Illinois, Michigan, and gave #1 ranked Duke a run for their punk ass money. Davis started his slide against the impossibly bad Purdue Boilermakers as IU played like dogs in what became the worst basketball game I have ever witnessed. At my 8 year old cousin's games you expect the kids to play this sloppy, but this game was NCAA regulated. If you watched closely enough, you could almost see Davis being pushed off of his pedestal.

I am advocating Davis' firing based on his team's performance in the last 7 games, starting with the Purdue game. How can I do that? Because judging on his team's performance in the first 14 games, you'd think IU would know how to play basketball. But they don't; they forgot how. This is a reflection of Davis.

As other teams have figured out how to stop IU, Davis refuses to change. He has limited Marshall Strickland's shots. He practically refuses to draw up plays which give Robert Vaden an open look. He whimsically substitutes players in and out of the game. He cannot motivate his players to play with intensity and when they don't play proper basketball he seems apathetic. As players stand stagnant on the court (during play!) Davis can be seen clipping his fingernails and chatting it up with the alums behind the bench. Also, he has also not taken any responsibility for his team's losses. Davis has blamed his players, IU fans, and even stadiums (Minnesota game) for the Hoosier's shortcomings. Not blaming yourself is one thing, but blaming your players is a classless act and shows absolutely zero leadership. Davis is a coward, as his "illness" during the most recent Iowa will clearly show.

His players lack discipline (IU averages 15 turnovers a game) and if he is coaching them, they are not responding to him. As a rule in any sport, if players are not responding to a coach, he/she needs to go. At first I wasn't a proponent of firing Davis midseason, but I figure, "Hey, they can't play any worse! Can they?" After much consideration, I have concluded that they cannot. Davis has stopped doing a good job of getting his talented team to play consistent basketball and it is for this reason he should be fired A.S.A.P.

I support the IU basketball team and if they decide to keep Davis on for the rest of the season I will grin and bear it. Please Greenspan, don't make me bear it. I hate bearing it. Fire Mike Davis.