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Stop crying, Davis

Having just read Andy Katz's "Despite feeling drained, Davis vows to go on" article, I feel the need to vent because that's what blogs are for.

I am no longer upset with Davis from a coaching standpoint. Instead, I now dislike him from a human being standpoint. Katz writes, "The particular portion of the fan base that irritates Davis is a group that wore black shirts to Saturday's game as a form of protest to his stewardship." Guess what Davis? You're the fucking head coach and you have to act like it. Quit worrying about what some of the fans are doing and focus on beating the other team. I was at the game and a very small percentage of people were openly advocating your firing with the whole "blackout" thing.

Davis also says that, "I watched [Saturday's] second half and you could see we were playing with no energy. It's really a shame. They have no idea what they've done to the players." No one is cheering for you Davis, that's all. Everyone goes nuts for Marco, Strick, and the other guys. Even Ben Allen, who for some reason has started this season despite his complete lack of defensive awareness, has an incredible fan base. You don't have an incredible fan base because you are not a good coach. You are a stubborn coach who refuses to adapt when changes need to be made. You blame others and focus on the negativity when you should just focus on playing more zone and creating a better offense suited to the talent you have. If you did that, there would be no negativity and no one calling for your head on a post.

Maybe you were sick Saturday, but now you're just making me sick with all of your childish whining and crying. Stop it. Do a better job or do us all a favor and resign.

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