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What's the deal with...

I watch a lot of Seinfeld and have developed a way of thinking similar to that which is depicted on the show. The fact that I know a lot about nothing struck me when I started thinking about holding the door for people which I do frequently living on a college campus. My feelings could best be described in a mock conversation between Jerry and George. I think it would go something like this...

Jerry: So I'm going into the building, and I notice that this woman is running up to the door. So I catch the door for her and she says, "Thank you very much."

George: As she should.

Jerry: Yeah, but get this...I go through the next set of doors, you know, to get into the building, and she says it again.

George: A double "thank you very much?"

Jerry: Yeah, she double thanked.

George: See, that I don't care for. I mean, you got the door for her the first time, the second "thank you" is implied. She doesn't need to say it again.

Jerry: Exactly!

George: In fact, I think that a second "thank you" is not only unnecessary, but very disrespectful.

Jerry: Yeah, there's a surprise...

George: No, think about it. It's always said with that tone like, "Oh! Thanks for getting the door again!" Like it's such a tough job that I couldn't possibly do it by myself!

Jerry: I mean, it would be different if she had a box or something.

George: A box is a completely different story. You'd have to manuever around the box to get the other door open. If someone doesn't double thank after you open two doors for them and they're carrying a box...Now that's disrespectful.

Jerry: Boy, you sure got a lot of little respect rules there, don't ya Biff?

George: No...I just happen to know what to do in certain social situations. If more people thought like me, there'd be a lot less misunderstandings.

Jerry: Yeah, and a lot more psychiatrists.

Genius. pure genius in your make-believe seinfeld dialogue. i felt like i was watching the show.

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