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Dislikes I

Here's a partial list of people/things that bother me:

  • Sean Salisbury - He doesn't know as much as he likes to think he does and he doesn't own up to his mistakes
  • Clay Aiken - Just really annoying. You lost, asshole! Go away! Why does that song "Invisible" have to be so damned catchy? Part of me died inside when I downloaded it.
  • Gas prices - I payed 10 bucks for 4 and a half gallons of gasoline. What the hell?! Where's your energy plan Bush?! I'm getting raped over here!
  • Axe - Not only do I dislike the smell of it, but I find the company to be racist. Of the 2 black guys on their "Gamekillers" thing, one is athletic and the other is dumb. Also, they have a commercial where a black guy is on a date with a black girl, but all he fantasizes about are white women. White women are more desirable, Axe? Fuck you, buddy.
  • Local commercials - They are always so poorly done. And why does every single one have approximately 12 ugly jerks talking into the camera? Don't these assholes know any attractive people?
  • Bono - I can't remember the last time you made a good song you fucking hypocrite. Quit blaming others for world poverty and world hunger. How many millions do you have, you prick?!
  • Kevin Federline - I'm pretty sure he's just a hologram. No human being could be this fucking out of their mind. What a horrible "person." If you are real, I hope you die in a horrible and embarrassing fashion as soon as possible.
  • Black Eyed Peas - Remember when you used to make good music?
  • Heroin - You've ruined too many lives, heroin. How do you live with yourself?
  • The Pussycat Dolls - You make crummy music and none of you have ever had sex with me. Not even once.
  • The KKK - This is my stance on the KKK...If you wanna be a member, you have to be castrated and give up any kids you may already have. If you wanna hate people go ahead, but we don't need you teaching your kids to hate. I also heard this somewhere and found it amusing. "If they are supposed to be the master race, how come they can't spell "clan" right?"
That's all for now.

I hate everything about the world! You bring joy to my life and joy to my hatred!

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