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Dislikes II

Here's some more stuff I don't care for:

  • Skinny Lindsey Lohan – She’s looked awful for far too long. Get her off the blow and get her some barbequed pork ASAP.
  • Angry college janitors – You don’t go to college, you just work at one so you’re not allowed to cop an attitude. Now, clean up that lasagna.
  • Carlos Mencia – Nothing he has ever said or done has made me laugh. Ever. He’s not original and he’s not even Mexican. He’s half German and half Honduran and his real name is Ned Holness. Just ask Joe Rogan.
  • Schoolwork – Don’t have time for it. And what is all of this “reading” about?
  • Powerade - I got news for you Powerade...you're no Gatorade. How many flavors do you have, Powerade?! Like 4? Gatorade could sell 4 different flavors of urine and make more money than you.
  • Fabolous - I'm tired of you preaching your message of illiteracy. You know damn well the word "fabulous" is spelled with a u.
  • Around the Horn - If you like headaches, than this is your show! What I like about it is that you can easily recreate it at home. Just get 4 people around you (2 of them have to be complete morons) and then have them all start yelling at you. That's Around the Horn.
  • The name "Sean" - It's not that I dislike people with this name, my problem is that it makes no sense because if you sound it out, it's nothing like "Shawn." You'd pronounce this name "Seen" or "See-ann." This is why the English language is so hard for foreigners to understand.
  • Death by guillotine - What does "cruel" and "unusual" mean anyway? I don't think killing people with a guillotine is cruel, as long as it's done right. And it was used all the time in places like France so it's not really unusual. I think it'd act as a crime deterrent, too. That thing is intimidating.
  • Chairs without padding - It's 2006, all chairs should be comfortable by now.
  • Running out of ideas - I hate it when this happens because you inevitably wind up talking about chairs.

I honestly believed that Sean was pronounced "seen" for quite a while.

Maybe that's why he never answered me when I called his name.

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