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Right now I am sitting the balcony of my microeconomics class, listening to Talib Kweli, and typing. Isn't wireless internet the best? Anyway, I decided to give you a minute by minute review of this class, just in case you were wondering what I do at 11:15 on a Thursday.

11:15 - Class is supposed to start now, but it's not. This class has like 300 people in it and the lazy jerks are still wandering in.

11:17 - Class has started and I have been forced to remove my headphones. I could probably keep them in, but I forget what the TAs in this class look like and I don't want to be yelled at. Maybe I'll put them in later when everyone falls asleep.

11:19 - We are reviewing the end of Tuesday's class. I should take this time to point out that I already know a great deal about microeconomics, that is why I can waste time writing this. I essentially took this class last year in high school, so I know 98% of what is being said.

11:21 - Professor Self is talking about Average Fixed Cost or AFC. This is very easy to comprehend, but he will spend at least 2 minutes discussing it.

11:23 - Still talking about AFC only he's tied it to Average Variable Cost.

11:24 - He's talking about some other types of Cost Curves now. This looks less familiar, but I think he's leading up to Economies of Scale so I won't pay too much attention.

11:25 - I'm looking around the room and no one appears to be asleep yet. This will soon change. You see, Professor Self speaks with a monotone. Not only does he speak with a monotone, but it is a calm and soothing monotone which is very easy to sleep to. If I had the technology, I would record his voice so that I would be able to fall asleep much faster at night.

11:29 - It's funny when he asks a question in this class because no one wants to answer him. Everyone is afraid to get a question wrong with this many people in the room. Long moments of awkward silence = hilarious.

11:31 - Some weird looking guy is trying not to draw attention to himself by sneaking around the room as he attempts to fix the broken projector. It's not working. He just looks more crazy.

11:32 - We're supposed to be doing something...

11:33 - This kid in front of me is looking at Playboy models on his laptop. Hahaha, awesome!

11:34 - Oh, we're supposed to be drawing cost curves. No one understands. I have to say that I don't understand what he wants either, but I've been busy.

11:35 - Dane just left. Now no one is talking to me on AIM.

11:37 - I have spent the last 2 minutes editing this.

11:38 - The creepy looking pedophile guy has fixed the projector. One person clapped.

11:40 - I am thinking about putting my headphones in, but I actually am taking in a bit of knowledge even as I type.

11:44 - I just downloaded the lecture notes and filled in the part we are discussing. After reading it, I realize this was completely unnecessary. I essentially just copied, "A change in variable input changes the Average Variable Cost curve." Horrible.

11:46 - I just checked Webster's Online Dictionary to make sure I spelled "unnecessary" right. I did.

11:48 - Just looked around the balcony again. People are growing restless. Heads are leaned against hands. Wait... I do! I see the first person sleeping! Yeah!

11:50 - That kid woke up. Maybe he was just resting his eyes. I also just realized that this is going to be a long post.

11:51 - I'm doing more self-reflection. I need to read more. I usually just read right before the test comes up. Surprisingly, this works for me. This is a combination of easy classes and fine-tuned recall abilities. This can't last forever, though.

11:53 - These three guys sitting in the row below resemble the Three Stooges. The guy in the middle is totally Larry. On the right we have Curly. The guy on the left doesn't really look like Moe, he looks like something...I can't really say what. He just has an average goofball look.

11:55 - I just saved this post. I don't want to lose all of this awesomeness.

11:57 - I see a few nappers. I'd probably be asleep right now if I didn't have my laptop.

11:58 - This guy names Joe has been picked to draw a short-run ATC curve. He's not enthused.

12:03 - I'm getting hungry.

12:06 - I need to put a picture on this post, but I can't decide what it should be. I'll do it later when I get back to my room.

12:07 - I'm talking to Jamie online now. I have to fill out this scantron sheet that says I was in class today. I guess you just have to be here physically.

12:11 - Class is almost over. Joe is up there again drawing curves.

12:15 - I'm filling out the scantron sheet now thanks to a nice fellow who lent me his pencil.

12:17 - Class is letting out for some reason. It's supposed to go to 12:30. Oh well. Time for lunch.

12:56 - I couldn't decide what to use for a picture. So I just used a globe.

Yay! I made the blog!

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