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Google Earth completes me

Nothing I have ever looked at on my computer has satisfied me the way Google Earth does, not even porn. It's not that I get off virtually traveling around the world, it's a different kind of satisfaction. Google Earth fulfills me in such a more enjoyable and meaningful way, something porn could never understand.

I have always liked traveling, but I have no resources in which to do it. But with Google Earth, I have already been to Paris, Rome, the Vatican, Moscow, Las Vegas, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Cairo, Mexico City, New York, Iceland, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, London, Beijing, Sydney, and Pamela Anderson's house. Wow, just call me Magellan.

This program should keep you busy for hours. Longer if you're high, but most of that time would probably be spent searching for yourself as you wave your arm out the nearest window.

Do yourself a favor and get it.