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Is it 1968?

I'm not even close to being this cool.

I can only dream about being cool enough to put up a peace sign whenever my picture is taken or whenever I say goodbye to someone or whenever my grandmother asks me how I'm doing. Hippies everywhere are rejoicing knowing that their trademark sign hasn't died off, but instead been passed on to the common douchebag. You see pictures like this all the time - on Facebook and MySpace - of people much cooler than you showing that they are against the war in Vietnam. Sorry, I mean tools. They are showing you that they are tools.

Excessive flashing of the peace sign has spread beyond the realm of douchey frat guys into the realm of just regular douchey guys. As has been pointed out to me, pictures such as these are like a carwreck, you just can't stop looking at them no matter how awful they may be. For more tips on spotting a douchebag, visit this site.

(My apologies to those I actually like who have succumbed to this terrible illness. This is merely a political statement, don't take it personally.)

Peace out.

so basically, I think you should just retire from college and become a professional journalist right now. like immediately. this very second. your potential is amazing and the world should not be held back from your talent any longer. it is just not fair for the rest of them. I believe, in my personal opinion, that rick reilly (is that his name?) should take a permanent vacation from his last page sports illustrated column and you should take it over. If he does not agree, I will help you stage a coup. that is french for takeover. we will takeover! and conquer! simply because of your amazing talent potential for greatness. super job.

I try to slip into pictures being taken with either a HUGE cheesey grin on my face or a flying middle finger. Man, oh, man I ruined many a good prom photo in my day...this cute little couple's all smiles, but in the background is some douchebag wearing a red (yes, RED) tuxedo.
I likes the blog.

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