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News of the day!

Oh Scientology...you're like a real religion's dirty, redneck second-cousin. The only thing I know about Scientology is that its become famous by attaching itself to celebrities. So I guess Scientology is a movie...?

Anyway, Scientology follower and crazy ass Tom Cruise doesn't want Katie Holmes to make any noise during childbirth so he gave her an iPod and plans to put up giant posters essentially reminding her to "Shut the hell up!" If you're wondering why, it's because silence during childbirth is apparently some kind of nutty Scientology law, although I've read that it's not really a law, just a personal choice some women Scientologists make. Now I'm one of the few people left in America who likes Tom Cruise, but since he's not the one going through excruciating pain, I'd say that he's the one who should keep his mouth closed. I mean, no yelling? Look at the picture, he's gonna go nuts when he sees this kid!

I don't really have anything against Scientology, other than the fact that it makes people crazy and probably makes no sense. Of course, Tom Cruise, but also this Scientologist lady (Ms. Dunstan) who was quoted in the story I read.

"The silent birth was about making sure her daughter was as 'healthy and happy as possible,' Ms. Dunstan said. 'It actually wasn't that difficult, because you know what effects it [noise] could have.' 'I've had friends who didn't have silent births and their children are heavy asthmatics, where my daughter has always been a healthy child.'"

Her friends yelling made her kid an asthmatic? I'm no shrink, but I know that this lady needs to see one. Because Ms. Dunstan is right out of her fuckin' mind. She's crazy. And that's what Scientology is all about.

Although it has yet to be finalized, Indiana is going to make Kelvin Sampson their new head coach. It's a surprise move as nearly everyone belived it was going to be Randy Wittman, who used to play basketball at IU under legendary coach Bob Knight. Most people thought it would be Wittman, perhaps even Steve Alford, because both are "Coach Knight guys," meaning that they supposedly know what Indiana basketball is all about. Even Mike Davis suggested in his exit that Indiana hire a coach who is "one of their own."

I don't really think this is a racial statement, although it can certainly be interpreted that way. Indiana obviously doesn't care about race as Sampson is a black man, but hiring him as already got people stirring. Again, not because he's black (I hope), but because IU decided to break the Chain of Knight. As much as I like Bob Knight, I think Sampson's hiring is a good thing because maybe now Indiana can get over the fact that Bob Knight is gone. Sampson doesn't have a great tournament record and his graduation rate isn't that good, but the latter is just an excuse people use to criticize him because nobody really cares about graduation rates.

The thing that bothers me about the whole situation is that many with ties to IU and IU basketball are already griping about Sampson before he has even been introduced as coach. I really hope Sampson gets at least 3 years to put together the team he wants before people start calling for his head. He does have an excellent record which will probably buy him more time than Davis had, but I'm still worried.

Kelvin Sampson also has a great name which will allow me to shout things like "Mighty Sampson takes the court!" Related with this issue, I don't think Coach Sampson should ever cut his hair. I predict that everytime he gets a haircut IU will lose at least one game.

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