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Women I'm currently in love with...

This is Hayley Williams and I would marry her. Next week, next month, or right this second; it doesn't matter. Hayley is the lead singer of the band Paramore and has an incredible voice. The fact that she is only 17 makes her voice even more amazing. Without Hayley, Paramore is just more emo kids playing music. Since I don't know where else you can watch their video "Pressure," I will send you to my friend Andrew's myspace site (http://myspace.com/swannyatthedisco). Hurry though, I don't know how long he'll have the video up. Andrew said he would also marry her, which is really saying something if you know anything at all about him. (Although he's obviously lying.) There are more pictures of her at www.Paramore.net and I encourage all heterosexual males to view them. While you may look at her, you will never be allowed to touch her because she is mine.

If things don't work out with Hayley, I will gladly take Carly Patterson, whom I am also currently in love with. (I don't know what it is about me and girls who were born in 1988...CREEPY!!) Anyway, you may remember her from the 2004 Summer Olympics and if you are a teenaged boy (as I was) you definitely remember her. She was the standout gymnast on an American team that took silver in the team competition. She also won individual gold in the all-around and silver in the balance beam. She has her own website - www.carlypatterson.com - in which i recently told her that I loved her. It is full of pictures and information about her, yay! She also is trying to make her name in the music business. I couldn't find any of her songs to download and I am anxiously awaiting her arrival into the world of song.

Also, I'm in love with Monica Freeman because she likes to read my blog. When people tell me that they read this nonsense I feel a strange combination of pride and pity. Why anyone would waste their time reading all my nonsensical thoughts I haven't the foggiest, but thanks nonetheless. Again, feel free to comment on any story. I changed the settings so you don't have to be a member of this blog business to tell me that I suck. I enjoy reading comments more than you enjoyed reading anything I have written...trust me.

I made in onto a blog!!!!!!!!! my life is complete, i could die happy now. thank you for this great fulfillment of one of life's most special achievements. you rock and I am currently in love with you as well.

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