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500 Shots

Little 500 week has passed and it's time for reflection. This week, I...uh...did something, I can't really remember what it was. I did wake up with bruised knuckles and a bump on my nose, though.

Indiana University celebrated its grandest tradition this week, culminating in the annual bicycle race. Call me pessimistic, say I don't understand tradition, but why does a bicycle race garner so much attention all week and result in so much drinking?

One theory is that since the first week of May is finals week, the week before it is spent with studying and the like, so the week before this week (Little 5 week) is spent with as much drinking as humanly possible. Because isn't that what college is all about?

That's an okay theory, but I think I have a better one.

Indiana University prides itself on being a party school, much to the chagrin of the administrators and higher ups. IU's new campus magazine "Proof" is little more than a salute to partying. In the recent issue, it encouraged students to not study or attend class this week and had a reference to sex or booze on every page. (Not an exaggeration.) Students love the fact that IU is always ranked high in Playboy's list of party schools and will become angry if you say other schools consume more alcohol/drugs or have more sex with random people.

But IU students do have a softer side deep down. (Deep deep down)

While they like to brag and embellish their drunken escapades, not unlike most college students, they often feel remorse about drinking so much. They feel bad about drinking for no reason at all.

"Oh man, I'm not becoming an alcoholic am I? I don't want to wind up like my dad. Why do I do this?"

These thoughts are quickly drowned in a sea of beer because sadness is a reason to drink and it makes students feel less bad about drinking if they have an excuse to do it. This is what Little 5 week presents, an excuse to drink all week and not feel bad about it.

"It's Little 5, dude! We have to get fucked up! It's tradition!"

My theory also makes more sense because you'd have to be drunk to enjoy watching a bicycle race.

It may sound like I'm condemning drinking, but this is not my intent at all. Certainly I'm no saint and I did more than my share of "celebrating" Little 5. I'm merely attempting to understand why this week has become such a wondrous event.

The campus is relatively calm now as many people have probably resumed reading, trying to regain the knowledge they lost this week. Of course, there are some things many of us will never know...like how I got this damn bump on my nose.

This post was humorous to me since I don't drink. The harsh reality presented is laughable to me. Haha, I say. Haha!

yeah kyle!

i also forgot to add that if you look up "little 500" in google images a picture of a party comes up first. hopefully people read the comments.

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