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A Class Act

Jay Leonard is a celebrity as far as I'm concerned. He owns Preferred Auto (as seen in the photograph) which is Indiana's largest independent auto dealership. Not only that, he has been in most of the commercials for Preferred Auto. However, I would like to write the advertising campaigns for him because whoever is doing that now doesn't make him look nearly as badass as he truly is. He is also the greatest public speaker I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.

I bring up Jay Leonard because I saw him at church Easter Sunday and I wanted to go shake his hand and tell him that he's an amazing human being. You see, many people don't realize that Jay Leonard has a super sketchy past. He started drinking as a young teen and quickly got into drugs. Long story short, he became one of the biggest drug dealers in Fort Wayne and in Indiana. He spoke to my Good vs. Evil class sophomore year in high school and told us all about it. His stories were unbelievable and you couldn't help but be sucked into his tales of debauchery.

I swear I'm not making this up. Although admittedly they're not the most reliable sources, you can contact Kevin Smith or Ben Kulow about it. I think Ben might have even brought him in to speak. I remember he told a story about how the cops came to his house and he was so freaked out because of all the cocaine, heroin, speed, etc. in his basement, but the cops only took him away for stealing cable. Haha, dumbass policemen. I don't remember most of his stories, but I do remember they were hilarious and interesting. He also swore like a sailor, something I completely related to. (And can still relate to.)

The best part of his speech was when he talked about how he always tried to please people and gave in to peer pressure which contributed to his drug addiction. I remember this very well because it was such a defining moment of my life. He said, "Now, I don't really care if you like me. If you don't like me..." It was at this point he flipped off the entire class. I was stunned by the rays of awesomeness projecting from his middle fingers. I just sat there thinking, "This is the coolest man on the face of the earth. He just flipped off a class of high school students. I want to be just like him."

Jay Leonard is clean now and has been for some time thanks to self-realization and the help of his father. Like I said, he is now an incredibly successful businessman in the auto sales industry, but more importantly he has a hot wife and a super hot daughter. He brought his whole family to church on Sunday and while it may be inappropriate to think about the sexiness of his wife and daughter during church, I couldn't help but notice. His wife looks like the stereotypical middle-aged mom who still wants to be hot so she was too tan and was trying way too hard to be the teenager she once was. Mr. Leonard's daughter was more attractive because she wasn't trying hard to be good looking, she was just naturally attractive. She wasn't absurdly tan, had a cuter face, and while she was a little too skinny for my taste, she had a very nice body.

I would just like to congratulate Mr. Jay Leonard for:
1) being a badass
2) beating his drug addiction
3) being the best public speaker I have ever heard
4) being an influence on my life
5) creating a successful business
6) going to church

and finally...

7) having a hot wife and a super hot daughter

With any luck, I'll be able to marry his daughter and be a part of the kickass Leonard legacy.

I think my former boss/neighbor is sorta friends with jay leonard. I did a bunch of deliveries to his car lots last summer. Always gave me ideas of buying a sweet car, because they always have lots of good ones. Anyways thats all.

i love jay, and alex leave his daughter alone she is 14!!!

i apologize to everyone for that jamie, i had no idea. im awful.

Alex how could you say that i'm not a reliable source..i wasn't the one who brought him in. I think it was zach edgar!
Ben Kulow

really? was that ben? sorry ben, it was only jokes. i love you

Alex Kenny

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