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A Senseless Blowhard

Jamie Kennedy sucks. Why does this guy keep getting his own television shows? I don't get it, not at all. I have seen some of his stand-up and I can maybe see how he is sorta funny, but he's definitely not funny enough to have his own tv show. He's like Orlando Jones; maybe kind of funny to some people, but completely undeserving of his own tv show. Just a side note, I'm not putting "Carlos Mencia" in this mix because that moron is just painfully unfunny and the fact that Comedy Central continues to employ him pisses me off to an unimaginable extent. I honestly wish he'd get hit by a bus and die. Or at least get impaled by something. I'm not picky, I just want "Carlos Mencia" dead.

Anyway, back to another hack.

Miraculously, Jamie Kennedy is getting his second tv show. First, he had "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment" on the WB, which was just basically just a shitty version of Punk'd. It wasn't funny on any level. Ashton Kutcher isn't funny either, but his title is "actor" or "model." Jamie Kennedy is supposed to be a comedian and if you didn't know that already, it'd be difficult to figure it out by watching his show.

Now, MTV is giving him a show called "Blowin Up." Let me give you the summary right off of Jamie Kennedy's website.

Jamie and Stu are 'Blowin' Up'
MTV picks up duo's comedy show

In the reality series "Blowin' Up," Jamie and his best friend, Stu Stone, try to become legitimate hip-hop stars by crashing meetings with music moguls and artists in hopes of landing a record deal. The team worked really hard to get the pilot just right and apparently MTV thinks it's funny enough for them! The network was so excited about it, they picked it up 3 days after they saw the final cut of the pilot.

MTV will run the show approximately 15 times a week and there should be at least 10 episodes scheduled for the first season, which will air sometime in the spring.

I don't know who Stu Stone is, but he probably sucks just as much as Jamie Kennedy. The premise of this show is basically Malibu's Most Wanted which was a sorry excuse for a movie. It was almost as unfunny as "Carlos Mencia"...almost. I have suicidal thoughts just thinking about what an awful movie that was.

However, I can see how MTV liked this show. MTV loves putting garbage on the air. It's also about rich white people in California, MTV eats that shit up. (I don't want to go on and on about how much I hate MTV so maybe I'll write about that later.) Even if MTV did like this show, why would they want to run it 15 times a week? I'd rather cut open my gums with my car keys 15 times a week.

Oh yeah, Jamie Kennedy was also in "Son of the Mask." (I don't really need a joke here.)

Unlike "Carlos Mencia," I don't wish death upon Jamie Kennedy. My only hope is that he somehow becomes mute. Who knows, maybe he'd be funnier. It probably wouldn't make him a better actor though, some things are simply beyond repair.

Jamie Kennedy is a demon. Pure evil.

"I don't know who Stu Stone is, but he probably sucks just as much as Jamie Kennedy."

I can't speak about jamie, but stu is a friend of mine and in his defense...
How can you say he sucks when you haven't even heard/seen him. He is actually a very decent guy and the whole rap thing was INTENDED to be a joke.. it's intended to be goofy. It's funny rap. That's the point. It seems to me that your harshly PRE-judging just because you don't GET IT. Not everyone has the same sense of humor and you are entitled to your opinions but man.. at least wait until AFTER you've seen it to say that you think it sucks.
Otherwise your opinions hold no weight.

Just saying.. right now you come across like a jealous little kid.

Jamie Kennedy sucks and his personality is so freaking fake. I think it's funny that someone would be jealous of Jamie - he's a total loser who happens to know the right people.

haha, i love how a supposed friend of stu stone found this somehow. it's freaking august and i just found this hilariousness. of course i can judge him b/c your friends are a great predictor of who you are. this is how i know that this guy/girl is a douchebag. guilty by association, bitchface! haha, i win! yeah! eat that mr./mrs. jealous!

ii personally love jamie and stu jamie is the type of guy who is niice to everybody.

you MIGHT change your opinion when you see his REAL myspace. hes totally awesome and it piisses me of about all the haters. honestly it does.

hahahahaha, who is this guy?!

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