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Think it over

So here's the problem with this post...I am most certainly going to lose friends because of it, possibly a lot. You see, there is one thing many people hate. And I don't mean hate like, "I hate fishsticks." I mean hate like, "I will kill you if you even try to eat fishsticks in the same room as me because I hate them so much. Seriously, I'll fucking kill you." What could possibly be this evil, you ask? Well, before I alienate practically everyone I know, I'll try to explain my position. (But you won't want to hear it.)

Country music...Wait! Come back! I'm sorry, okay? Just hear me out!

Still there? Hello......? Shit!
I'll just get this off of my chest anyway.

I can draw my newfound love of country music to one moment, really. I sometimes listened to it when I played basketball in my driveway because the hip hop stations in Fort Wayne suck a tremendous amount and I can't play basketball to classic rock, I don't know why, I just can't. The upbeat country songs provided a good rhythm in which to dribble and shoot the way I like, but I never could retain any of the song lyrics because I didn't appreciate the music.

But I digress, the moment to which I referred was an away lacrosse game in which I rode to Indy or wherever it was with my friend Jeremy and his parents. We listened to country music and it felt odd being that I was the only one not singing each song. Then Keith Urban and his song "Where the Blacktop Ends" came on the radio and, for the first time, I thought, "This is a pretty good country song." I ended up hearing that song everywhere for some reason during the next week or two and I actually retained the lyrics. I never told people that I liked this song because I would most likely be stoned. So I cowered in silence for probably over a year until about 3 weeks ago when I remembered that I liked that song so I decided against better judgement to download it. I listened to it about 2 or 3 times and then it hit me, "Maybe there are other good country songs."

"Absurd!" was the first thing that popped into my head, but I investigated nonetheless. I contacted my friend Robert whom I know likes country music and as I navigated my way through his collection, sampling this song and the next, I realized that there actually was other good country songs. I couldn't fuckin' believe it!

Country today isn't about being a Confederate and a racist asshole, at least not what I listen to anyway. There's no way in hell I could advocate that, as anyone who knows me would surely tell you. I think that's one reason people steer clear of country music, but that's such a small percentage of country music nowadays. Country music has so much more to offer.

What it offers is numerous upbeat songs about nothing in particular. That's why country music is so fun. People don't like country music because they say it's all songs about pickups, fighting, drinking, and how your woman done you wrong. What's so bad about that, I say? Who doesn't like songs about drinking and fighting? All the songs I listen to are just about having fun and being a country bumpkin. Again, what's so wrong with that?

Here are fun country songs I recommend:

Tim McGraw - "Country Boys and Girls Gettin' Down on the Farm" - A fun song promoting promiscuity and illegal activities because "there's some things you can't do inside those city limit."

Neal McCoy - "Billy's Got his Beer Goggles on" - Another fun song about a guy whose woman done him wrong so he's getting fucked up and getting on ugly girls.

Tracy Byrd - "Watermelon Crawl" - A song about a guy who stops at a party he drives by and gets drunk off of "sweet red wine."

Dierks Bentley - "What was I thinkin?" - A song about this guy who really wants to bone this chick, but her dad is a crazy shotgun-wielding hillbilly. Hilarity and madness ensue.

Admit it, you really want to listen to these songs. I mean, what amazing premises to write songs off of! If you want more songs, let me know. I'm not saying you have to listen to these songs, just think it over.

country music I mean isnt there anything better to listen to

ew gross

It's okay, Alex! Sometimes I listen to country songs in the summer. Some are super catchy and warm!

Yea! We have won another over! Country music is going to take over the world, and we will all be happy. World peace lies in the fate of Tim McGraw's next hit!

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