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Here goes nothing...

Oh man, it's been a while since I've done this. I wonder if I still remember how to write. If I speel something wrong I'm going to be pissed.

Work has taken up my reading time, writing time, and hanging out time and summer has sharply increased my apathy. Recently, however, I have been seeing this "Tokyo Drift" movie advertised, which is the third and latest movie in "The Fast and the Furious" trilogy, and it has been making me angry enough to want to rant about it.

This movie is simply the latest of Hollywood's propaganda-riddled, ethnocentric bullshit. In this piece, Captain American Joe goes to Japan so he doesn't have to go to jail. Then, he integrates immediately because, after all, he's fluent in English and we all know that every Japanese person also shares his fluidity of the language. He soon finds out that they love to street race and he is more than happy to partake. Then he wins all the races and takes their cars because his superior American intellect allows him to obtain an intimate knowledge of the Japanese streets. I mean, everyone else just lives there, how'd that be an advantage if they're still Japanese?

Granted, I haven't seen this move, but chances are pretty good that I'm exactly right.

This movie's crazy ethnocentrism reminds me of "The Last Samurai." Tom Cruise is a captured American military advisor who quickly becomes the savior of a Japanese army. Or something along those lines, I never saw that movie either.

The reason I hate these movies is because it promotes the idea of white American superiority which allows for such assholes like movie reviewer Kirk Honeycutt (You know he writes for the Hollywood Reporter because of his faggy liberal hippie name) to make statements like this.

"So what if the movie dumbs down Japanese culture to a bad Yakuza movie and features Japanese characters who can barely speak Japanese? The cars are the stars here. Everything else is lost in translation."

"So what?" Fuck you, you racist son of a bitch. People like Kirk Honeycutt is why everyone else in the world hates America. I hope the next time the terrorists come they head straight for Kirk's house, family, and boyfriend.

Uh oh, the curse words are gone and the apathy is setting in again.

In closing, everyone should put aside this crazy American ethnocentrism and watch the World Cup. Futbol rules.