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What's a crush to do?

This is the face of Dr. Gregory House aka Hugh Laurie. This is the face of genius. This is the face of the most clever man on television. This is the face of a man who should be holding the 2006 Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama.

But he isn't. In fact, he wasn't even nominated. Instead, that miserable, unwatchable prick Sutherland ended up winning it.

I can't fucking believe it, any of it. Who votes for this, anyway? Have they never seen House?

Let me break it down to show you who the clear winner is...

Kiefer Sutherland was born "Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland." How British. Hugh Laurie was born "James Hugh Calum Laurie." That is far less British.

One point to House.

Dr. Gregory House vs. Jack Bauer, this one is tough. Jack Bauer fights terrorism; House fights disease. Both men race against the clock. However, Jack gets 24 hours. Give House any disease, no matter how rare, and that shit is knocked out in an hour. And that includes commercials.

Advantage House...

At the end of last season, House was shot by some asshole because he was angry at House for telling his wife he cheated on her. Umm...pretty sure that was your fault, buddy. Meanwhile, at the end of 24's season, Jack showed immense cowardice and climbed aboard a boat to China. What a pussy.

One point to House.

To be quite honest, you probably don't remember them from too much else. Keifer was in A Few Good Men and Hugh was in the Stuart Little trilogy. I thought Keifer was in Tombstone, but I was wrong. A little known fact about Hugh Laurie though, he was Nigel Pinchley in the episode of Family Guy entitled "One If By Clam, Two If By Sea." And that was back when Family Guy was still funny.

One point to House.

And finally...Who'd win in a fight?
Jack Bauer is probably a pretty good fighter, cause of his job and all. Plus, House has a bad leg. At least the old House did. Anyone who's seen the trailer knows that House is coming back 1,000 times stronger than last season. Now, he can use that cane to reign blow after blow upon the skull of Jack B. You're finished, asshole. Four seasons is plenty...GO AWAY!

House sweeps it! 4 points to nothing! Protect yourself from that Bauer! Whoo! Give House your Emmy before he gets angry with you. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

say what you want kyle, but i'm still trying to figure out which guy on Scrubs is the funny guy.

They are all funny. Scrubs confuses Seth McFarlane because it doesn't pander to 10 year olds or throw 30 pop culture references at you until one of them makes you chuckle. :p

quit your bellyaching, kyle.

i say will arnett should win all awards in everything! c'mon! what do you think, the guy in the 7000 suit doesn't deserve to win awards?! c'mon!

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