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As the kid walking behind me put it: "That was the best way I've spent my money on anything ever."

He, of course, was talking about Snakes on a Plane which we had just finished seeing. I have to agree with him.

I attended one of the special Thursday night showings and the film was everything I could have ever hoped it to be. It's hard to find words to describe its scrumtrilescence.

It was funny (purposely funny), it was more gory than I thought it would be, Sam Jackson was a total badass (as usual), Kenan ruled, and it was by far the most entertained I have ever been at a movie theater. (Drunk or sober.)

I'm very glad they kept it R rated because it allowed for some classic cinema scenes and lots of swearing.

I had only 2 problems with the movie and this is because I am a huge nerd.

1) The way in which the reticulated python feeds was greatly exaggerated. I suspect it may have been an Anaconda, but Anacondas are usually thicker and even if this was the case, its feeding habits were still exaggerated.

2) In several scenes they have a Milk snake (red, black, and yellow) attacking people and those people are dying from the bite. However, a Milk snake is very harmless. The confusion lies in that the Milk snake looks exactly like a Coral snake. Coral snakes are highly venomous and consist of the same colors with one noteable exception; on the Coral snake, the red and black never touch. There is a very simple rule to follow to know whether you are dealing with a Milk snake or a Coral snake. It goes...

"Red touches yellow, that's a deadly fellow (for the Coral snake). Red touches black, venoms a lack (for the Milk snake)."

*Author's note: I used the example of a Milk snake, but I do realize there are others which look very similar such as the Scarlet Kingsnake. So don't send me your stupid ass comments.

The movie never took itself very seriously (if you couldn't tell from its title) and I will definately be seeing it again. I recommend it to all.