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Take your pick

I thought that Andrew was right. After hearing Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor album and downloading his mixtapes, I thought for sure that he was indeed the savior of hip hop. If he can get his spins, that is.

However, I recently heard about a new artist who brings socially conscious hip hop to a whole new level. His beats leave something to be desired, but he spits nothing but fire. Just check out these lyrics...

"When you grow up, it's time to choose
from a big list of jobs that you can do.
You could be a doctor that helps cure a disease;
you could be a ship captain and sail the seas.
You could be a teacher and help spread knowledge
from kindergarten, high school, and college.
Carpenter, chef, and film producer
are all types of jobs that you can choose from!"

His name is Hip Hop Harry and it's obvious he's got a bad case of the Young Hov Virus.

Hopefully he'll stay true to his roots and not dumb down his lyrics once he breaks into the game.

I'm not sure who's hotter......

Hip Hop Harry (a.k.a. The Real Triple H a.k.a. Mr. Rep Your City a.k.a. The Big Yellow Cat-esque Thing) or Wasalu Jaco (a.k.a. Lupe Fiasco a.k.a. Mr. Bring It Back a.k.a. Lupe the Jedi)

You take your pick.

is it just me or does hip hop harry look just like adam couch?

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