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Election results!

So I went to bed Tuesday night with the Democrats having already took control of the House of Representatives and 3 senatorial spots left with the Democrats needing all 3 to control the Senate.

As of right now the Dems have won 2 of the 3 and are ahead in the only race left to be decided; the Virginia senate race with the Republican Bigot McRacist and the Democrat Womanhater McJewhater.

But I mean, come on, it's Virginia. Those qualities probably helped them get votes.

Democrats everywhere are rejoicing and seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that nothing will change. Sorry, but this new Congress isn't going to magically force Bush into doing everything on the Democratic agenda.

Congress will be as stagnant as ever because this is what Congress does. The Bush administration will be as stagnant as ever because that's what it does.

Both parties will bicker, then both parties will criticize the other while at the same time saying they wish to work together to help America solve all of it's problems and nothing will get done. It's politics folks, and this is what politics has become.

Enjoy the squabbling everyone! It's all you'll get!