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The New CollegeHumor.com

Maybe this just amuses me, but I'll post it anyway.

Right around the time Facebook changed its format, CollegeHumor decided to do the same. The one major change was that you could use your university email address and become a member of the site. Being a member entitles you to post whatever you want and to comment on photographs.

Much like Facebook's new format, I didn't like it at first. I liked CollegeHumor because it would occasionally post funny pictures and it also gave me access to the web videos YouTube did not yet have. I thought the changes were unnecessary and told myself I would not bite.

I eventually succumbed after many weeks because if you're not a member, you could not read the comments. While I didn't wish to post, the curiosity of what others were saying got to me.

Being the witty genius that I am, I soon started to post comments. Not anything of importance mind you, but hilarious things such as calling clearly undoctored pictures "photoshopped."

I seemed to be the only one of CollegeHumor's members that found this practice hysterical and I quickly made enemies such as God's gift to hilarity, Isaac Kiener from Trinity College (see above). He even went so far as to mention me in his kickbutt CollegeHumor post! Aww, what a sweetheart! (I'm no longer mentioned.)

This incredibly awesome guy (see badass picture above) is just one of the many soldiers in CollegeHumor's loyal army of douchey, loserly guys with nothing better to do all day then post a comment on every photograph. It's almost as if CollegeHumor is their girlfriend and they have to defend her. (Obviously this is a gross hyperbole because it would involve these jokers having a girlfriend.)

I have had these awesome, clearly not pathetic individuals threaten my life and threaten to put body parts on my face. They were even nice enough to throw in the occasional "your mom" joke.

Although I don't find CollegeHumor very amusing at all anymore, I still occasionally visit the site to watch the web videos I miss on YouTube and, of course, to piss Isaac off.

I have also changed my picture on the site to a picture so kickass (see above) that everyone will have to love me no matter which pictures I classify as photoshops. [ No longer applicable :-( ]

Hi, I designed the New CollegeHumor.com and I am also from the Fort of Waynes.

Glad to read that you've come back around.

sounds made up zach. but if you did, then make isaac change his picture back to the really cool one.

Check the About page, bud:



not that you designed the page, that you read my blog. why would you go and do a silly thing like that? you must have lots of free time.


If you do not cease and desist from any and all unwarranted maliceous behavior towards me, including but not limitted to removing this blog, and any contrived remarks about me on either this website, or college humor, and removing the picture of me from your CollegeHumor account, my lawyer will be drafting a letter to CH, and blogspot demanding that you be barred from both websites, and one more letter to you detailing the charges I will file against you including libel and misappropriation of personal properties, and using my likeness without express written permission. You have 48 hours to comply or I will begin the process of filing the charges. Thank you and have a nice day.

Isaac Kiener

Dear Isaac,

Even if that really is you and even if you had talked to a lawyer (which you did not because this is not libel) I have removed all traces of your picture after talking with those in the IU Journalism law department. I readily admit to know nothing about the law, but it seems as though you are enrolled in a law class at Trinity College and have everything figured out. Good luck on the BAR. Misappropriation lines are fuzzy at best, but I have decided that it doesn't matter what you look like, your behavior speaks for itself.

As for the malicious behavior, I have said nothing that could be considered malicious. I believe it was you who commented, "I will fucking cock slap you, Forest!" I also thank you for removing my name from your post, in which you mentioned murdering those who use the word "photoshop."

Let me further add how sad I find it that in our litigious society two young men can't exchange words without one threatening legal action. I will never think of you again, but I will continue to post on CollegeHumor as I please. If they want to kick me off, so be it.

Have a nice life.

All the best,

Thank you. I'm still a bit upset about your blog, but seeing as you promptly complied with my other requests, and no one but Zach and I read your blog anyways, I'll let it slide. I hope you can find other ways to outlet your creativity than posting "photoshop," because, after scanning your blog, it seems you like to write. As a writing major (never taken a law course) I think it is an important medium. You could do so much more with your time than bug 50,000 people with annoying posts. Anywho, I did actually talk to my lawyer, so it's definitely a good thing you changed your profile. Maybe one day we can get lunch or something.

Isaac Kiener


issac is a girl's name! go fuck yourself mrs i-take-legal-action-because-i-am-hurt-when-someone-makes-fun-of-me-for-being-such-a-dumbass!

Hey Isaac.... Be more of a douchebag. oh wait..... you can't

Great blog. I will keep reading.

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