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BCS Games

The awfully awful BCS system has chosen its top teams once more. Let's see how wrong they got it this time.

FIESTA BOWL: Boise State vs. Oklahoma

Oklahoma got into a BCS game by winning the Big 12. Boise State got into a BCS game I think because they have a blue field. Seriously though, Boise State deserves to get a BCS bid because they went 8-0 in the WAC. That's soooooooooooooo impressive. What I can't figure out is why they're not playing for the national title since they were the only other team to go undefeated. Once again the BCS screws over the little guy.

ORANGE BOWL: Louisville vs. Wake Forest

Louisville took the Big East. Wake Forest took the ACC. I took a nap. I'll take Louisville in an old-fashioned butt kicking.

SUGAR BOWL: Notre Dame vs. LSU

This is the first bowl matchup I have an actual problem with. Something I didn't know about the BCS is that "at the bottom of the official BCS Selection Policies and Procedures, there's a clause that reads: "No more than two teams from any single Conference may play in BCS games in a single year, regardless of whether they are automatic qualifiers or at-large picks." (Thanks Peter Schrager!)

Because of this, Auburn and Wisconsin are shut out of the BCS and the fabulously overrated Irish get to play. I know a playoff isn't coming anytime soon because everyone makes so much money off of the BCS system, but at least change the rules. This is ludicrous.

ROSE BOWL: Michigan vs. USC

What's funny about USC is that they make everyone at ESPN look like a moron. As soon as they beat the Irish every analyst at ESPN was previewing the OSU vs. USC championship. Oops! And remember last year when USC was compared to the all-time great college teams? They ended up ranking USC as the number 2 team in NCAA history and Texas was nowhere to be found. Oops again!! I hate the way ESPN sensationalizes every other story they cover and it's always fun to see them get their comeupance.

Now to Michigan. I do not believe that they should be playing in the Rose Bowl. The BCS Championship Game is supposed to pit the second best team in the country against the best team in the country. Those two teams would be Michigan and Ohio State.

When they played on November 18, both teams came in with stellar defenses. Michigan put up 39 and OSU put up 42. Some contend that Michigan's last touchdown was a gimmie, but residing in the midwest has taught me a few things about the UM /OSU rivalry. They absolutely hate each other. There is no way OSU would just hand UM a touchdown.

I don't want to hear the "Michigan had their chance" and "I don't want to see a rematch" nonsense because UM and OSU are the two best teams in the country and the two best teams are supposed to play for a national championship.


I'll give Florida it's due. They went 7-1 in the SEC, which is easily the best conference in football. They beat several good teams, but were not impressive in nearly all of them. Florida didn't beat a lot of teams, a lot of teams just gave away the win. (Tennessee, the other USC, Arkansas) I respect UF, but I don't believe anyone can honestly compare them to UM and say that Florida is a better football team.

You can disagree all you want, but when OSU literally beats the F out of Lorida and Michigan makes Pete Carroll cry like a child, you will be wishing that you were watching the two best teams in the country play because then maybe it would be good game.

Thank You!

ok...i got it wrong. so sue me.

hahaha, i got it waaaaaay wrong!

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