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Bears v. Colts

I don't know how many people even read this anymore, especially people at IU, but I'm putting this on here just in case...

Here's the deal. If any of you Colts fans see me wearing my Chicago Bears hat and try to say something you must first meet the following criteria:

1. You must be a legitimate Colts fan. Not a Peyton fan. Not someone who pretends to like them b/c they go to a school in Indiana. Not someone who has only liked them since they started winning.

2. You must say something more than "Bears suck!"

3. You must be willing to sit down with me and have an actual conversation about Bears v. Colts to prove to me that you are indeed a true Colts fan and that you know something about football.

4. Aside from Kelly Moore, I don't think I can name one girl who has ever been insightful and reasonable when discussing sports with me. If you can, then be my guest. But until then...no girls.

Congratulations to Lovie and Tony and to the teams/organizations they represent. It should be a great game.

Also, I want to congratulate the Saints for an amazing season given the circumstances they have been forced to put with these past years. It is a truly remarkable story and I hope this season brought some level of normalcy back to the still-ravaged, still-in-need-of-help city of New Orleans. The term "America's team" never held a truer meaning.

Reading this over again right now, I'm looking at the way you spelled the word "because" in point 1. I've come to this conclusion: You're lazy.

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