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An open letter to MTV

Dear MTV,

I regret to inform you that I will never again be watching you. In fact, I haven't watched you for some time. But it's so much more than that, MTV. To be quite honest, I hate you. I know this doesn't upset you, because it seems as though you haven't cared for many years.

Also, I have been with your sister MTVU since I first came to school over a year and a half ago. It's just that...MTVU gives me what you used to. I can't help it. Forgive me for thinking that when your name stands for Music Television, you should revolve your programming around music. I see you trying to hide behind TRL, but we both know TRL died several years ago. I remember when you used to help out aspiring musicians and introduce me to innovative artists. Yo! MTV Raps?! What a great show! You opened the door for hip hop to be seen and heard on a national level. You should be proud of yourself for that.

I understand that you wanted to branch out, that you wanted to try new things, and for awhile it worked. Remember Remote Control? That was a nice little show. It even became a Nintendo game! I bet you didn't see that coming. And The Real World?! I mean, you gave the world reality tv before we even knew what reality tv was! And your award shows were a hit, too.

Who cares that some artists like the Dead Kennedys hated you? Sure you became commercialized, but sometimes that happens when you're popular. You were the only outlet for people looking for music videos, of course you'd be huge! The Dead Kennedys were just upset because they weren't getting airtime. Maybe you could have given them some exposure, but the bottom line is that they just should have been a better band. And that's not your fault.

We had some good years in the 90's, too. My parents didn't want you and I to be together, they said I shouldn't watch you, but what we had was too good to pass up.

I don't know where it went wrong. I wish I did, then maybe I could have done something to stop it. It's just like I woke up one day and you sucked. I didn't see music anymore. All I saw was hackneyed, recycled premises. Do I have to list all of the crap you've aired over the past 6 years? Well I'm going to. I need this closure.

‘Til Death Do Us Part, Blowin’ Up
, Cheyenne, Date My Mom, Exposed, Fear, Fraternity Life, I Want a Famous Face, Kathy’s So Called Reality, Miss Seventeen, My Own, Newlyweds, Next, Parental Control, PoweR Girls, Sorority Life, Surf Girls, Taildaters, The Andy Milonakis Show, The Ashlee Simpson Show, The Osbournes, There and Back, Trailer Fabulous, Why Can’t I Be You?, Yo Momma

And those are just the shows I remember. I've blocked out so many others you've shown just to keep my sanity.

You had some good shows in there, I won't lie. You weren't completely off my radar. I can even forgive you for some of those shows, but there is something you've done that I can't forgive. I'm talking about Laguna Beach, 8th and Ocean, The Hills, Maui Fever, My Super Sweet 16, Rich Girls, Tiara Girls, and Twentyfourseven.

For Heaven's sake, MTV! You'd think a show like Maui Fever would have some room for a little ethnic diversity. But no! Your seven stars are all white people! I've had it with you! Do you ever get tired of making fake reality shows about snobby, slutty, vapid, rich, white people?! Do you know what you're doing to the youth of America?! Apparently not.

This is why I'm leaving you MTV. For good. This, and the fact that I can't stay up late enough or wake up early enough to watch a music video. We're through. I'll miss Rob & Big, maybe a few other shows too, but this is the way it has to be. Please don't get mad and dilute MTVU with your asinine garbage.

Alex Kenny

P.S. Don't make any more RW/RR Challenges. I think everyone gets the point.

The Andy Milonakis Show was quality television.

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