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100th Post!!!!

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?

We did it, folks!!! And we did it together!!!

There are so many people I want to thank.

First of all, I want to thank my readers. I know there aren't too many of you left, but thanks for hanging in there. I want to thank all the fools out there I have made fun of for acting in such ridiculous manners. All your nonsense really gives little ol' me something to write about. I want to thank IU, because if I went to a school that really and truly cared about education I might have more homework and I wouldn't be able to write as much. I want to thank my computer for being so reliable. Oh man, I'm so excited! Sorry if I forgot anyone, but I have to move on, I'm getting played off! I love you all!

Now, I wish to reminisce.

Since I am a fan of words, curse words in particular, let's take a look back at the "swear stats." Now, when you see the curse word, know that it includes the word itself and any of its many variations. (For instance, the word "motherfucker" would count as the word "fuck" and so forth.)

Fuck - 43 times
Shit - 19 times
Ass - 16 times
Asshole - 11 times (Yes, the word asshole is its own category.)
Bitch - 5 times
Bastard - 2 times

A few clarifications, I did not count the words "damn" or "hell" or "pissed off." Also, the word "bitch" was never used to demean women, except for when OJ used it. (See Johnnie Cochran is rolling in his grave in the month of November 2006.) Overall, I'm surprised I didn't swear more often, yet I'm happy that "fuck" tops the list because it really is my favorite curse word. It's just so versatile.

Now let's take a gander at my friends who have been mentioned.

Andrew - 7 times
Dane - 6 times
Kelly - 2 times
Kyle - 2 times
Poke - 2 times
Zach - 2 times
Jamie - 1 time
Monica - 1 time
Jon - 1 time
Matt T. - 1 time
Robert - 1 time
Jeremy - 1 time
Ryan - 1 time

Andrew has appeared the most times because he is a fellow blogger. Kyle used to be, but not anymore. He's far too busy with Anne now. Oh, and the time I mentioned Rachel Hoffman doesn't count. I was obviously intoxicated. If I missed anyone I am truly sorry, feel free to yell at me and I'll fix it. I'm quite tired at the moment so it's entirely possible.

Now we'll move to countries I've made fun of.

Germany - 7 times
Norway - 5 times
Canada - 4 times
Austria - 2 times
Russia - 2 times
Israel - 1 time

The only countries I made fun of outside the context of the Olympics were Canada and Israel. (See Blasphemous! in the month of April 2006.)

Let's see... Besides myself, what/who else have I made fun of on more than one occasion?

George W. Bush - 7 times
Bode Miller - 6 times
Homosexuality - 6 times
"Carlos Mencia" - 5 times
Hippies - 3 times
Apolo Anton Ohno - 3 times
New (Unfunny) Family Guy - 2 times

I have to say that I'm surprised "hobos" aren't on the list. I know I've made fun of them before. But they have been going through some rough times lately so I'll let it slide. I made fun of soccer once, but I also praised it once, therefore they cancel each other out. I'm glad to see "hippies" on the list, too. I feel bad that homosexuality is so high being that I don't have any problem with it. I think every time I've made fun of it though it has been quite over-the-top and satirical. (See The man I hate most in music in the month of February 2006 or Cancel the trip to Maybury Hill in the month of October 2006.)

Just a few other tidbits...

Dislikes III (May 2006) and The New Collegehumor.com (November 2006) are tied for the most comments, both at 11. The funniest thing on this entire blog may just be the comments on the latter story.

In a shocker, I have only had 3 allusions to Seinfeld, one of which was an entire post that I think was some of my best work. (See What's the deal with... in the month of February 2006.)

I helped promote Snakes on a Plane and I helped get Mike Davis fired.

There were no posts in July of 2006. I was either working or sleeping during this time period.

Why I can't write for Parade Magazine (August 2006) and Torii Hunter (October 2006) are two of my favorite posts.

October 2006 is probably my favorite month from top to bottom. It also had the most posts of any month except February 2006.

All in all, I'm glad I started doing this and I'll try to keep things interesting. I'll also try to post during the summer, but don't count on it. I am very critical of my own work, but I do have some favorite quotes that I'll leave you with. Thanks for reading!! Let's go for 100 more!!

"Rufus Wainwright is melodically anal raping the sanctity of music."

"Canada knows as much about science as they do about warm, sandy beaches or finishing college or attractive women or black people."


"I got news for you Powerade...you're no Gatorade. How many flavors do you have, Powerade?! Like 4? Gatorade could sell 4 different flavors of urine and make more money than you."

did you reread all of your own posts to create these stats? that is hugely impressive if you did.

but in regards to this milestone accomplishment: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i've read every one of them!!!

yes, i did. that's why i was so tired when i started writing it. but all for the glory of the blog, i guess.

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