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Murder by Death

Wow, the posts just keep coming. If I'm going to fast for you, let me know.

I wasn't quite sure how to post the pictures of the MBD show, so I created an album using my account at webshots.com, which you can view here.

The comments pretty much explain the pics, but I wanted to add a few things here.

1) The first two opening bands weren't bad, but the third (and unexpected) opening band was completely out of place. It was some hippie jam band who played trance music for what seemed like hours. I was so bored. What pissed me off the most about them was one of their guitar players was a whiny little brat who kept changing how his guitar sounded instead of just playing it.

2) In some of the pictures of Sarah there is an eerie owl-girl in the background. Try not to pay attention to her.

3) I love Sarah. And not in a creepy way.