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Oscars 2007

I did it last year, why not recap this year as well?

I only predicted 3 of the 5 major categories correctly, but I don't really care because Scorsese finally won for Best Director, something which immediately prompted one of the most appropriate standing ovations ever. Raging Bull and Goodfellas can finally rest in peace. The Departed also won Best Picture honors, but some guy who wasn't Marty Scorsese accepted the award, so I didn't pay much attention. The other category I missed was for Best Supporting Actor, which went to Alan Arkin for his magnificent portrayal of Grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine. I knew they wouldn't give it to Eddie Murphy and it serves him right for making such trash. Norbit?! Scott Tobias (not the Tobias) from the Onion AV Club had this to say about Norbit when it was released...

"It probably isn't possible for a single movie to reverse all social progress made since the civil-rights era, but Norbit, the latest broadside from Eddie Murphy, does its best to turn back the clock."

As much as I don't enjoy Ellen DeGeneres, I thought she did a great job. I actually laughed at her jokes, something I can't ever remember doing. My favorite part was when the snakes attacked her. If you didn't see it, it wasn't really snakes, but the arms of a dancing group known as the Dance Troupe Pilobolus. They also did body interpretations of the films nominated for Best Picture. It was one of the most absurd, yet strangely cool, things I've seen on television.

In a twist, Jerry Seinfeld made an appearance and did a little routine that was very funny. Al Gore finally proved that he isn't a robot. And Will Ferrell made Marky Mark feel good about himself by calling him a badass.

It wasn't all great, however. I didn't see one nomination for Snakes on a Plane, something I still can't fathom, and Pan's Labyrinth didn't win for Best Foreign Film, which instead went to some Nazi propaganda film. It ran late, as usual, and I didn't get started on my short story until very late, but I am going to finish it tonight and it will be posted tomorrow or the day after. Be forewarned, it's very long.

(If you want to know what a douchebag said about the Oscars you can read this.)