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Return of the Zombie Puppies

I don't want to alarm anyone, but Shaina and I have been talking recently and we think that the zombie puppies may be putting their evil plan of attack into action. (See email below)

Not knowing where else to turn, I once again asked Congressman Souder for help. I know he wasn't exactly there for me last time, but if he, as a Republican, wishes to keep his seat in the House of Representatives, he must start reaching out to his constituents. As you read the email, I think you'll see that I am being very reasonable and level-headed about the War on Zombie Puppies.

"Dear Congressman Souder,

As you may remember, last April I warned you about the threat of zombie puppies. Their
cuteness is equaled only by their thirst for blood and, as you can imagine, if this
problem is left unattended, we're all doomed. While clearly the invasion has not yet
begun, my good friend Shaina and I believe that the attack is imminent. In fact, Shaina
believes that the evil zombie puppies may have already infiltrated the borders of
Indiana. I believe her. You see, the terrible weather currently pounding the state serves
as a distraction for us humans and when the snow melts... You got it. Zombie puppies.
It's so clever and yet so simple.

Please, I implore you to urge the president not to send more troops to Iraq, but instead
to keep them at home. We'll certainly need them. I hope this message reaches you before
it's too late. Godspeed, Sir.

Alex Kenny"

Much to my amazement, I have not yet received a response. Why aren't these government types working 24/7? Do they not realize that terror sleeps for no one?

Just in case you forgot what to look out for, I have reinserted Shaina's rendering of the zombie puppies followed by mine.