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W203 Seventh Assignment

The time is currently 10:50 and I am trying to write my seventh and final paper for W203 before I start writing my 2 big stories. The problem is that this is the worst assignment ever. Read this prompt...

Write a story or beginning of a story in 500-1500 words. Look in a newspaper or magazine for a few items that wallop your fancy. Choose one with an absurd story or an arresting subject. These need not be long exposes or essays: just a few paragraphs will suffice. Next, choose one of your finds to develop into a fiction, with one important change. Transfer your father or mother into that item’s protagonist. Also, if possible, change the location to that parent’s home. So if the newspaper piece where about teens in Madagascar spray painting their names on wild animals, you will write a story about your adult mother tagging her initials on squirrels in her backyard. At first, stick to the news item and be true to your parents, physically and emotionally, the way they are now. If your first attempt doesn’t pan out, try another item or another parent.

In our class we are currently reading stories about bizarre topics or subjects that the authors have made seem commonplace, something apparently called "magical reality." Firstly, I don't see how this is any way qualifies as magical reality. Second, I cannot fathom the idea that someone would possibly consider "your adult mother tagging her initials on squirrels in her backyard" as being an interesting story that could be believable.

I will not be posting this story unless I get done with it and think, "Yeah, this is really a coherent story." But I'm putting my money on me thinking, "I fucking hate this shit." (Mainly because I've said this several times already.)

Only 1 post away from the big celebration! Whee!

i'm done with it and i actually don't hate it, but i'm still not posting it. this was an awful assignment and i'm starting to dislike my teacher an awful lot.

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