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March Madness to April Sadness

I was there the last time the Final Four was played in Atlanta, but I don't think I'll take IU or Maryland to get there again. Oklahoma isn't even in the tournament, so they're out. However, I am taking Kansas to get back to Atlanta, along with Florida, Texas, and Texas A&M.

I like Kansas' style and I've been a Brandon Rush fan since he was high school. They play better and smarter than a team with no seniors should and that comeback against Texas really impressed me.

Speaking of Texas, I have them coming out of the East because I didn't want to pick UNC like everyone else. I chose Texas over Georgetown mostly because of Kevin Durant. His situation reminds me a lot of when Carmelo Anthony played at Syracuse. (And looked what happened to them.)

I think Florida will come out of the Midwest. They are just plain good and Joakim Noah really intimidates opponents with that horrible, awful, frightening mask he wears. Yipes!

I didn't want to put three #1 seeds in the Final Four, so I chose Texas A&M over Ohio State. Who knows if this will happen, but I can't figure out who else to pick in the South. Top to bottom, the South is the weakest bracket. (At least the Midwest has Florida.) I don't think Ohio State is ready to be a championship team and if Oden gets in foul trouble (which happens often) they aren't deep enough to compete with the other big schools.

I don't know which of the smaller schools will be the next George Mason, but I have Davidson (a 13 seed) and Oral Roberts (a 14 seed) both getting to the Sweet Sixteen. I want to pick either Long Beach State or Albany to reach the Sweet Sixteen as well, but for some reason I have Virginia in that spot. I'll probably end up changing that tomorrow.

No one really knows how to predict the NCAA Tournament and those who say they do are morons. It has always been a crapshoot and it will only become more unpredictable as the parity grows. If you have a clean bracket by the fifth or sixth day, guess what? You got lucky. Thirteen-year-old boys have turned in perfect brackets by picking which name sounds dirtier. Note: If you're thinking about heading in this direction, go with Oral Roberts and Butler.

As for me, I am betting that my bracket is in the trash by the start of the Elite Eight. I start off well enough, but without fail, my sleepers will be violently woken up and my hunches will wilt under numerous punches. This is why my March Madness will always end in April Sadness.

VCU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bracket is saved!!!!!!!!

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