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Guest post!!!

Oh boy, finals are already stressing me out. So whilst I study, I am going to let a friend post on my blog. I'm not sure what he's planning on writing, but just tell him he did a good job anyway. Enjoy this rare guest blogger!

I'm done with the intro. It's all you, Gonzo!

Thanks, Alex. Well, I'm not quite sure what to write about, so I thought I'd just take an internet quiz. Those are pretty fun! Here goes nothing...

Name: Alberto Gonzales
Marital status: Married
Shoe size: I don't recall
Parents still together: I cannot recall
I don't know the exact details on that
Pets: I can't recall


Color: I don't remember
Number: I'm having trouble remembering that
Animal: I don't recall
Drinks: I remember having a drink this morning, but I can't remember exactly what it was
Soda: I can't recall that information
Book: We Will Prevail: President George W. Bush on War, Terrorism, and Freedom


Color your hair: I do not recall
Have tattoos: I would not have access to that information
Have piercings: I cannot remember
Cheat on tests: Certainly I would never do anything dishonest
Drink/Smoke: I don't recall anything like that ever taking place
Do drugs: I can't recall
Like roller coasters: I had in my schedule that I went to Six Flags last summer, but I cannot recall that event ever taking place
Wish you could live elsewhere: In the Oval Office
Like cleaning: I enjoy cleaning house
Write in cursive or print: I do not recall having written in either curive or print
Own a web cam: I don't remember
Know how to drive: I don't know the specifics of that, but I'll definitely look into it
Own a cell phone: I can't recall
Ever get off of the computer: I email a lot
I mean, I don't email, I can't recall what email is
Remember your first love: I have no recollection of that
Still love her: I do not recall
Read the newspaper: Never
Watch tv: I like Fox News
Have any gay friends: Ick...
Believe in miracles: I cannot recall
Wear hats: I'm having difficulty remembering, that subject is very cloudy
Care about your looks: I can't remember if that is the case or not


Been in a fist fight: I don't recall
Considered a life of crime: It's certainly not what I, nor this administration, is doing right now
Lied to someone: Absolutely not
Been in love: I cannot remember
Used someone: I have no recollection regarding anything of this nature
Been used: I can't recall
Been cheated on: One time I caught George kissing Laura
Kicked someone in the nuts: I am uncertain on this topic
Stolen anything: I cannot recall
Held a gun: That's Cheney's department


A daydreamer: I do not recall
An asshole: Of course not
Sarcastic: I don't recall this
An angel: I am not George W. Bush
A devil: Again, Cheney's department
Shy: I can't remember
Talkative: I've been honest and forthright with you this whole time

Well, that sure was a hoot! I hope you know a little more about me now!