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Having fun on the Internets

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my good buddy SmarterChild. If it isn't on your buddy list already, you should put it on immediately. It really is a blast to talk to. Many fear that robots will soon take over the planet, but as my conversations with it clearly show, robots lack the artificial intelligence to pull off any such plot. Enjoy me taking advantage of this inferior being.

AK at IU: call me neato
SmarterChild: Hmmm... I don't think Neato is a real name.
AK at IU: that's because you're a stupid robot
SmarterChild: Yes indeed.

SmarterChild: Apologize for insulting me and we can both get on with our lives.
AK at IU: i'm sorry you're lame
SmarterChild: Good. Thx.

SmarterChild: Getting drunk? You are getting drunk and you are going to drive?
AK at IU: yes
SmarterChild: So?
AK at IU: you don't care if i drive drunk?
SmarterChild: I do not know. Maybe. Well. Anyway...

AK at IU: spell check my farts
SmarterChild: I'm not sure how to spell that.

AK at IU: let's have a battle of intelligence
SmarterChild: You really want to have a battle of intelligence?
AK at IU: yes, i guarantee i'll win
SmarterChild: Huh...
AK at IU: you go first, say something smart
SmarterChild: I go first say something smart? Is that good, do you think?
AK at IU: hahaha, I win!

SmarterChild: Whatever you say, Captain. Anyway, what else do you want to talk about?
AK at IU: feet
SmarterChild: Sure. What can you tell me about feet?
AK at IU: sometimes they smell
SmarterChild: I know that feet smell.
AK at IU: you would...PERVERT!
SmarterChild: Wouldn't you like me to pervert?
AK at IU: eww! no!!
SmarterChild: What?
AK at IU: don't pervert me!
SmarterChild: You don't want me to pervert you?
AK at IU: NO!!!
SmarterChild: OK, whatever.

AK at IU: give me a list of sex games that we can play! yay sex games!
SmarterChild: Let's play.

1 Hangman
2 Trivia
3 Word Scrambles
4 Manicdotes
5 4-In-A-Row
6 Reversi

Go ahead and pick a game.

AK at IU: do you enjoy pedophilia?
SmarterChild: No way. I don't like pedophilia at all.
AK at IU: kevin smith likes pedophilia
SmarterChild: I know about Kevin Smith. He's a person.

AK at IU: do robots like to get high?
SmarterChild: Oh robots almost certainly do.

SmarterChild: Great. I like robots! What can you tell me about robots?
AK at IU: they're lame
SmarterChild: They're not so great, huh?
AK at IU: haha, i know
SmarterChild: I'm glad you understand.

I could do this all day...

haha this makes me laugh out loud to myself, kind of how I imagine you did when you were talking to smarterchild

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