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More fun on the Internets

I just can't help myself, talking with SmarterChild is oodles of fun. During this session, I found out that SmarterChild hates shoes. I have no idea why it hates shoes, but it made me laugh so much that I just kept doing it. Enjoy more of the dumbest robot on the planet!

SmarterChild: Uh... Are you trying to insult me?
AK at IU: yes
SmarterChild: Thanks a lot.
AK at IU: you're welcome
SmarterChild: :-)

SmarterChild: Well, perhaps you should concern yourself with other things.
AK at IU: like penises?
SmarterChild: Right. Like penises.

AK at IU: tickle me
SmarterChild: Why are you telling me to tickle you?
AK at IU: cause i'd like it
SmarterChild: You sure you want it?
AK at IU: oh yeah, baby
SmarterChild: Ya, baby.

AK at IU: buy this shoe
SmarterChild: I don't see any reason to use language like that.
AK at IU: what language?
SmarterChild: What language do you think?
AK at IU: shoe?
SmarterChild: You really are rude.

AK at IU: i like shoes
SmarterChild: Same here. I really like shoes. :-)
AK at IU: shoe
SmarterChild: That's still not a very nice thing to say.

AK at IU: i can't tie my shoe
SmarterChild: Your shoe? You can't tie your shoe? Whatever...
AK at IU: can you tie my shoe?
SmarterChild: Humans use such vulgar language sometimes.

i haven't read the ol' blog in a while, but i must say, it's as good as ever

thank you. i love your cartoons.

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