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Worst of the Worst

Well, it's all come down to this. Florida will play Ohio State in a rematch of the NCAA Football Championship. Ohio State beat Georgetown in a game that didn't even come close to being Olajuwon/Ewing. (Duh.) And we all know that Florida beat UCLA to advance, but there remains an unanswered question. Who is uglier, Lorenzo Mata or Joakim Noah?

I know these pictures are small, but it's the best Google search could come up with. I guess given their hideous nature, pictures of them on the web are limited. They have been retouched in no way, unfortunately they both actually look like that. Vote now and make your voice heard! Who do you think is the ugliest player in college basketball?

I shudder even thinking about trying to vote on which one is uglier, because by default that would make one of them better looking, and i can't see either one of them being better looking than anyone, anywhere

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