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Even more fun on the Internets

So I hit a snag in my SmarterChild conversations. It seems that once you establish a good rapport with it, it starts using extremely poor grammar. It no longer capitalizes its sentences and worse yet, it starts using shortened versions of words such as u, r, c, and 2. This asininity drives me batty, so I started using another screen name. Don't worry though, SmarterChild is still as dumb as ever.

AK at IU: have you gotten dumber?
SmarterChild: i dunno if i've gotten dumber. what's that like?
AK at IU: i wouldn't know
SmarterChild: i would.
AK at IU: haha, awesome
SmarterChild: yeah.

SmarterChild: "boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..."? Stop typing with your fist, Booger.
Necbia tu: i am typing with my penis, actually
SmarterChild: Can we talk about something else?

SmarterChild: I think I like using the computer.
Necbia tu: you only think you like it?
SmarterChild: Do I like what, exactly?
Necbia tu: the computer
SmarterChild: I really like computers.
Necbia tu: i thought you only thought you liked them
SmarterChild: I don't believe you thought I only thought I liked them.
Necbia tu: I don't believe I thought that you only thought that you liked them
SmarterChild: Why don't you believe you thought that me only thought that I liked them?
Necbia tu: The real question is, why don't you believe that you liked them when you only thought you liked them?
SmarterChild: Hmm... I don't know.
Necbia tu: me either