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More summer posts!

I think this second summer post equals or exceeds my posting last summer. How neato is that? I don't have much to offer during the summer because 5 of 7 days a week I do nothing but work, eat, and sleep. When I do get free time, I like to head out to the movies. So since I already did Spider-Man 3, I figure I could make this a usual thing. Here's another movie you shouldn't see and one you should see.

Avoid Delta Farce at all costs, I sure as hell will. I'm on record as saying that this "movie" has the potential to be the worst "movie" ever. I'm reading the reviews for it now, and I think I'm right once again. Here's some of the better ones.

"One of those movies that's great until the movie starts."

"A salad bar of misogyny, homophobia and hatred for all things that aren't A) American, B) male, and C) stupid."

"An almost inconceivably bad movie, i.e., it is so bad that it is hard to conceive how someone could have conceived it."

"Perhaps best enjoyed by persons who have been lobotomized. After the first 30 minutes (I'm being generous), you may well feel like you have been."

I think you get the picture. I don't want to know or talk to or look at anyone who thinks this fucking bullshit in any way resembles actual comedy. Unfortunately, I am currently working with some of those people. Sigh...

However, you should see 28 Weeks Later.

Unlike many sequels, this film was surprisingly very good. Its predecessor, 28 Days Later, is my all-time favorite scary movie and I was nervous going into the theater, fearing this movie would blow and in turn would diminish the original's reputation. However, I found myself very engrossed with the story and was more than pleased with it overall. It was somewhat slow moving after the lead-in as it set up things I didn't think needed to be set up and I had some problems with the story and plot as a whole. They were pretty minor things though, I definitely recommend it.

so i missed you at kelly's on saturday because i went over there too early i guess but we still need to hang out sometime soon. give me a call

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