Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Murder is terrific!

Call me insensitive, but why is everyone celebrating the death of Chris Benoit, a man who apparently went into a steroid-induced fit and proceeded to kill his wife and seven-year-old son? Seriously, how fucked up are wrestling fans? Absolutely ridiculous...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Catching up

I haven't posted in some time, but I'm tired and I want to go to bed. Therefore, I've decided just to list some stuff. Interesting, huh?

1) The Cleveland LeBrons were humiliated. I was angry, then sad, then apathetic. The NBA needs help.

2) Knocked Up is the best movie I've seen so far this summer. I paid full price not once, but two times. Ocean's Thirteen is a good movie, nothing special, and 1408 comes out this week and currently has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm also curious to see how the new Die Hard movie and Evan Almighty are received.

3) One of the smartest men ever to live, Sir Isaac Newton, says that the world will end no earlier than 2060. I suggest bathing in all the Hedonism you can find.

4) Britain's Got Talent was brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. One hundred times better than America's Got Talent. If you don't believe me, just check out YouTube. Hasselhoff is rubbish.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cavs win!

I'm so happy for the Cleveland LeBrons. Game 6 just finished and they are headed to the Eastern Conference Finals. I had originally picked the Pistons, but after watching Game 3, I knew the Cavs would win the series. They outplayed Detroit in every game and LeBron grew up so much in Game 3 that I knew it was inevitable. LeBron James is now the best player in the NBA and I couldn't be happier for him.

p.s. - Did you see Game 5?!?! Holy cow!!