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KFC and the struggle for victory

I realize that my readership consists of very few people nowadays, most of them on the second greatest blog on the internet, so I apologize if you have read this information already.

I had an angry day today, as I consistently heard mounds and mounds of bullshit being spewed as if it were water from a sprinkler. I will focus on two specific events and pray that I can drink away the anger from the others.

In my first class, as we were discussing the correlation of fast food advertising and the growing problem (not epidemic) of obesity in America, some vegan, PETA humpers started telling everyone how poorly KFC treats its chickens. I let the teacher argue with them for some time, but there was only so much lunacy I could take. I calmly explained to them that chickens (pigs too, but let's just focus on chickens for now) do not have the capacity for thought. They do not think. Period.

Not satisfied with this answer, the babblers started babbling, citing this example for why chickens do think.

"If you kick a chicken, it feels pain..." And that was it. That was their whole case.

However, physical pain has nothing to do whatsoever with thought or the ability to think. Much like when you (I'm speaking to humans, of course) unknowingly touch a hot plate, you immediately pull your hand away. This is because the neurons in your nervous system are firing, telling your brain that you are experiencing discomfort. The ability to draw meaning from this incident is a human trait, not that of a chicken or pig. If a chicken walked into my bedroom right now and I punched it in the face, it would most certainly feel pain, squawk, and run away. What the chicken would not do, is go back to his chicken friends and explain the situation.

"I stopped in to say hello to Alex and he just punched me! Punched me right in the face! I don't know why he did it at all! It was completely unprovoked! I really lost a lot of respect for him and I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at Alex in the same vein again."

The case can be made for other animals, dogs for instance, because they are brought up in an environment of consistent human interaction. A dog can learn to hate its owner through Vick-esque treatment, but a chicken or pig bred to die cannot and will not develop in such a way.

The world, not satisfied with pissing me off more than usual today, decided to let Andrea Kramer do some sideline reporting during the Saints game. At some point, she was talking about how Tony Dungy's daughter had just graduated from Spelman College and apparently some of her professors really like her dad. Kramer said that the professors told Dungy's daughter that his winning of the Superbowl can be compared to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s arrests during civil rights demonstrations and black people getting the right to vote.

Now, not many people respect and/or love sports in the way that I do, but even I can't help asking... Really?! Is winning a football game really that important? I understand that it's inspiring and groundbreaking for a black head coach to win the big one, but to put it on such a high pedestal is ludicrous and irresponsible. Either this is a case of shoddy reporting, or Spelman's requirements for tenure are lower than George Bush's approval ratings! Hi-yo!