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September comedies

Not content with giving America just one hilarious comedy this month (Mr. Woodcock, of course), Hollywood has blessed all of our lives with the release of Good Luck Chuck. I mean, it's Dane Cook, right? Where can you go wrong?! I see a trailer for this film every 9 minutes and it has already had a great influence on my life. I have decided to adopt this movie's title as my own personal catchphrase.

Here are some examples of how I'll use it in everyday life.

Robert: What time is it?
Me: Um...1:34.
Robert: Uh oh, if I don't leave soon I'm gonna miss class.
Me: Psh... Good luck, Chuck.

Kelsey: Oh no! I think I'm going to be late to the train station.
Me: Good luck, Chuck.

Jessica: I'm going to feed the penguins now.
Me: Good luck, Chuck.

Chuck: I have a test this afternoon.
Me: On what?
Chuck: Math.
Me: Have you studied?
Chuck: Well, somewhat. I need something though.
Me: What are you talking about?
Chuck: Like, divine intervention. You know what I mean?
Me: I think so.
Chuck: Well, I should probably head out.
Me: Wait, don't forget your calculator.
Chuck: Oh right, thanks.
Me: No problem.
Chuck: Wish me luck.
Me: Good luck, Chuck.