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Surprise, surprise

Thanks ESPN, for the "breaking news" update during Pardon the Interruption. You know damn well you could have broken the story during the shouting match that is Around the Horn. Or at least wait until 6:00 pm.

And let me just say how shocked I am that Barry Bonds is being indicted. Frankly, I'm surprised it lasted four years with as much time and money Major League Baseball put into investigating him. Please, there is no other way this could have ended.

You're telling me the public would have been satisfied if after FOUR years MLB just said, "We did not find any convincing evidence." That answer wouldn't have satisfied the owners or baseball's front office either because they need someone to blame for the "Steroids Era." For years all these guys sat back and ignored steroid usage because they were making millions, yet as soon as the shit hit the fan they were pleading ignorance, vowing to bring justice to those who violated the "drug policy." If you can even call "Do whatever you have to, just don't let us find out about it" a policy.

I'll admit it, I love Barry Bonds and have since I was about 6-7 years old. I have watched him progress and I have read everything about him that I can get my hands on. I can tear down any argument that says Barry Bonds took steroids and I can do it with logic, reason, and fact. However, as much as I love Bonds, I will admit that he took steroids if anyone can put together a coherent argument outside of hearsay and "the cream and the clear." (Call me crazy, but I don't think a beverage and a lotion qualify as "steroids.")

For this indictment to stick, MLB has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Bonds knowingly and willingly injected himself with steroids. Yes, injected, because part of the indictment says that he lied under oath about injecting himself with steroids. If the prosecution can do that, I will admit that Bonds is a doper, but I would really like to see how they attempt to do so.

Like I said before, I can talk for hours about Bonds' innocence, but finding someone to listen objectively is damn near impossible. I look forward to ignoring ESPN for the next few weeks as they will undoubtedly be doing what they do best...Sensationalize! If this were the 1500's, Bonds would have already been hung in the public square (Guillotined if we're in France) because of the allegations against him. And while they continue to remain allegations, not one person seems to give a fuck. Hundreds of players used steroids from the early nineties up until now (You're kidding yourself if you think the "Steroids Era" is over) and yet one man gets spurned. Justice? I don't think so.

***Note: I will be super pissed off if I hear anyone say "playing the race card." Yes, his race is a factor in this whole issue and it has been since he came into the league. Not a huge factor, but a factor nonetheless, and it's preposterous to think otherwise. This is America after all...