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2007 Insight Bowl coverage

Here is the litany of reasons why James "Superman" Hardy will be entering the 2008 NFL Draft.

1) Who knows if IU will even make to a bowl in 2008? Hell, we barely made it this year.

2) He works hard. Hardy came out of high school a basketball star who dabbled as a receiver. Over the past few years, he has developed his raw ability and molded himself into a polished, sure-handed wideout.

3) He's good enough. He's a Biletnikoff Award Semi-Finalist who was named to several All-American lists and holds every meaningful receiving record at IU in only 3 years of play.

4) Money. Need I say more?

5) He's tired of not getting the ball. This is pure speculation on my part since he's never publicly stated it, but he's too good to not be getting the ball thrown his way. Hoeppner and Lynch never seemed to realize this.

6) He's 6'7" and weighs 220 pounds.

7) He has said this. "Next year, after we get this bowl victory, the guys will know what it takes because they've been there. So they'll just carry on with it." (Didja notice the "they"s?)

8) He's fast enough. Not a burner, but he is quick and can pick up yards after the catch.

9) Bloomington is a loud, crazy town and Hardy is a quiet, laid-back guy. I think he'll find solace in the defined structure of a typical NFL team.

I have come to love and admire James Hardy for his conduct on and off the field. For those of you who think he is a bad guy because of the alleged domestic battery charge in 2006, I pity your ignorance. As Mike Gundy would say, "Get your facts straight!"

If you're reading this James, know that I want nothing more than to keep watching you play on Saturdays as I proudly wear the 82, but I fully understand and support your decision to enter the 2008 draft. We'll miss you.