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Cloverfield Monster (Idea 1)

Even though I think it's weak that the fake name Cloverfield has become the official title of the new J.J. Abrams film, I'm still super excited to see it. I wanted a scarier name; something like "Roarasaurus Wrecks" would've been awesome. By the way, I've copyrighted that name.

In an effort to build suspense about what (or who... ) the monster is and what will happen, I've been analyzing the movie posters and coming up with some ideas. Here's my first guess.

Oh my goodness! Watch out!

What J.J. Abrams has done here, is simply take the word "monster" and expanded it in a different direction. This gigantic monster truck is named Armso the Doomsayer and she--that's right, SHE--is in it for the long haul. Side note: Long Haul was the name of Armso's dead husband truck. (This factors greatly into the plot, so I won't reveal any more about Long Haul.)

Not only can Armso run your ass over, but just imagine being picked up by that super strong human arm. If that weren't frightening enough, rain clouds constantly follow her. Because what's worse that being injured? Being wet and injured, that's what. I really like the lightning bolt, but the "Lost Rules!" decal on the rear of the truck just seems pathetic. I won't give away the ending to this film, but just so you know, it doesn't fall "flat."

Probability of being the actual plot: 4/10
(It's hard for Armso the Doomsayer to travel through water effectively.)