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Cloverfield Monster (Idea 3)

January 18 just isn't getting here fast enough. All day, every day, I sit in front of my computer and stare at my Cloverfield background, wondering what the monster will be. My other ideas may seem a little senseless, but after carefully diagramming the structural damage of the two buildings--seen smoking in the background--I have figured it out.

Time is running out as a giant hourglass threatens to bury everything New York City's citizens hold dear. Justin Long portrays Justin Time who must find justification in timely and justly bringing about the hourglass's death. Justin, a clerical worker at city hall, discovers that his father, the mayor, is actually controlling the hourglass which is also his mutated brother! Sean Connery stars as Father Time and the hourglass is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.

Probability of being the actual plot: 0/10
(I don't know what I was thinking.)